HCG and Doctor Oz – The Diet Plan Explained

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The HCG diet is an efficient weight loss plan which requires HCG dieters to eat a strict low calorie food that is 500 calories per day and must undergo HCG hormone injections. Many people have claimed to have experienced effective and rapid weight loss from this diet. As per Dr. Oz’s investigation the e4s hcg diet is effective diet supplementary plans that aid people lose their weight fast with just few side effects. It does not simply mean that the HCG diet is without risk, as Dr. Oz investigated.

The history behind HCG diet

Human chronic gonadotropin (HCG) was first discovered in the year 1927, but it was unknown till the 1950’s that a doctor explored that this growth hormone has an excellent ability to suppress hunger or appetite and stimulate weight loss. HCG is a natural hormone, which is found in the pregnant women. In present times, HCG has gained much popularity as a useful weight loss aid and several people are utilizing the same to fight against the obesity.

A diet plan on HCG utilizes its hunger suppressant properties along with a very low- calorie diet to enhance weight loss. Originally, HCG was only available in the form of injections; the recent development has made the availability sublingual form of HCG drops. A moderate amount of workouts or exercising is also suggested with the intake if HCG in order to stimulate the weight loss benefits.

The HCG diet dangers

Even though HCG by nature is not dangerous, but if abused can cause harmful effects to a person’s health. Most of the recommended HCG diet calories vary between 1000 to 1500 calorie foods, which are truly a reasonable amount. However, few fundamentalists endorse 500 calorie’s diet daily. This is a starvation diet which can abuse the HCG’s appetite suppression properties and the body can suffer from very low diet. The very common side effects which are linked with a low calorie HCG diet are minor headaches, mild dizziness, leg cramps, constipation and much more. The HCG side effects are not extreme they are minor, but it is wise to consult a doctor prior starting the HCG diet. It is essential to take the proper HCG dosage as instructed as the overdose can cause harmful side effects.

Many successful HCG diet stories were showed on Dr. OZ’s show. Dr. OZ also had displayed a sample meal plan for the effective HCG diet. The diet plan included for the breakfast consisted of only black coffee and the small amount of fruit. Lunch in the HCG diet included 3 ounces of very lean meat along with a lot of lettuce and wherein dinner included the three ounces of meat with another vegetable. Dieters also have fruits as snacks in between meals. Dr. Oz interviewed many HCG dieters and evaluated the diet results. Dr. OZ concluded that the HCG diet is extreme and can vary from one person to other based on the persons overall health, personality and other factors. HCG diet can be very beneficial to some people and for some other it may be not that useful.